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BV curse

Vitamin C burns really bad I tried it with rose hip 1000mg I was nearly in tears... discharge got worst. I used all natural plain yogurt to cool it down

but it did not stop the discharge and after I rinsed it 3 hours later it was back. no im trying probiotics in my vajj.

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I also tried vitamin c 1000mg with rose hips. I wish I never did, it burnt like hell


Oh my god, I think I've permanently cured my chronic BV with no maintenance therapy required! I know I've posted this all over this site, but I'm so damn excited!!

I had it for four years. Poured over the research. Found short term fixes, tried antibiotics, but, wham, it always came back after sex. This time, it's stayed gone, with no maintenance therapy!

I used boric acid capsules VAGINALLY for three days (Do NOT ingest!!). It's an antiseptic, and gives you a clean slate. There's plenty of research out there on it.

Then I took Nature's Way Primadophilus Optima Women's 90 billion active probiotics for 30 days. After that, it was gone for the first time in four years. You MUST buy refrigerated probiotics. The reason probiotics haven't worked before is it was either the wrong strains or they weren't kept cold and the probiotics died. PLEASE TRY THIS, AND IF IT WORKS FOR YOU, PLEASE COMMENT HERE!

Not a bot

That was the worse thing I could have done!


need 500mg no rosehips. no additives ... no color ... and push it farther backk. if its close to your opening it burns. takes a few days to work. get good probiotics too

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