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I only read a few of the postings on this site, but here's my experience. I'm a straight male who got a wart on my crotch from my wife. She had a wart, which we thought was a mole, on the opposite side of her crotch. I don't have to explain how I came in contact with her HPV. I read that Apple Cider Vinegar would kill the infections and cause the warts to die and fall off. This is because of the the Salicylic Acid within the the cider. I got the anal warts from shaving my anal region after the wart in my crotch. VERY IMPORTANT: STOP SHAVING YOUR PRIVATE AREAS IF YOU DISCOVER A WART. BELIEVE ME IT WILL SPREAD!! In order to get rid of the warts, I was just dabbing some vinegar on the infected in the morning but not placing a soaked cotton ball or paper towel on the region and leave it on all day and night. The warts got bigger and I felt hopeless. I found this site and decided to try it again. IT ONLY TOOK ONE NIGHT AND A DAY TO GET RID OFF THE WARTS. This time I soaked paper towels in Apple Cider Vinegar and placed all over my rectum and scrotum. I had lots of warts, in various sizes all over. This started from 10:00pm last Monday to 4:00 am on Tuesday. Here's the honest truth. It burned worse than anything. That being said you have to suffer some pain to receive healing. I woke up on Tuesday and went to work. I was in pain, but determined to not give up. At work I applied the same treatment, going to the restroom apply fresh vinegar every 3 to 4 hours. I stopped soaking the warts when I left work around 7:00pm. I applied the vinegar at 10:00pm again until 3:00am on Wednesday. It burned worse than ever, but as it soaked in the pain got less and less. I took pictures with my phone and noticed the warts looked white. That being said, I wasn't sure if it was real or the bad lighting in my room. The next day they were black and nasty. I felt them and thought it didn't work. On Thursday night I was in the shower and felt the warts and started to pick at them. ONE BY ONE I PICKED THE FROM MY BODY!! I was shocked and excited. Here's the down note: My rectum was swollen and I had a hemorrhoid, but the warts were gone. I could not believe it. I've been keeping the area clean and not touching it too much. When it heals I'll check to make sure they are gone and treat again if I need to. I only took me 1 day and a night to burn them off. IT WILL HURT LIKE HELL, but you might not need to deal with ASSHOLE DOCTORS AND THEIR BITCH NURSES!!!!! Trust me, I've been there. For give the spelling. I'm excited to just tell my story!!v Don't give up. There's hope.

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Carlos Camejo

my brother has HPV/WART i need a herbal medicine to cure it post comment 2016


I hope it will work with me trying now to put in my private parts the ACV in a cotton balls i will wait until tomorrow am praying it will work.Thanks for sharing..


I put cotton balls with ACV in my genital area my God it's so painful. I woke up this mornig and removed the cotton balls there is a black color in the cotton balls and take picture of my warts their color become white i don't knwo what happen. I continued putting ACV in my genital it's like burning sensation my God i hope tomorrow it's better but tonight i need to do this again even it's painful.

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