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Expose Dr Molemen aka OMOHAN PETER ODION

Dr Molemen is a scam "419" please don"t fall victim.I gave him $300 for his herbs which his address 87 Atuagbo Edo State is fake. He always use this following details: Omohan Peter Odion. City Edo State, Amount: MTCN: Text Question: Good Text Answer: Result Afterwards he will send you another email or sms with the following courier email which reads for contact. He is one of the jobless youth looking for people to scam on internet.2/12/2016

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I'm suffering terribly with this right now. I'm in tech and would like to assist you in exposing this guy. Absolutely want to make this guy well known for defrauding patients and making unsubstantiated claims before he steals someone else's money promising things he can't deliver to someone who has quite likely exhausted every option modern and alternati offered to them by professionals as well as one's they've found through their own research. The fact that he's charging such exorbitant rates it's beyond deporad, and id love to speak with you and get more informantion from you. Id love to really expose this fraud, and with my tech skills, I can ensure that if his name is ever searched for in Google, sever websites dedicated to exposing his scam would be the first results. My fake gmail is and is where you can reach me any time as I regularly check it throughout the day.

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