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A believer

I know we hear over and over that there is no cure for herpes but I don't buy it. I hope and pray this helps anyone who is willing to do this simple yet very effective treatment. The healing products (not including food) may cost around $150 to $200 every month for 3 months but when you think about it completely, over every time you had a outbreak, , a a possible cure, it's worth it! PERIOD! First of all, (this is a big one) Do your best to eat very little of acidic forming foods and eat an abundance of alkaline forming foods for 3 months. Green veggies mainly you can google a good alkaline food list or go to this website which I found great which has a host of information about general health:

Get these products for 3 months, CELLFOOD, (use as directed)

L-LYSINE (use as directed)

BURDOCK ROOT (use as directed)

LICORICE ROOT TEA or capsules (use as directed).

ALFALFA TEA OR CAPSULES (use as directed)

ST. JOHN'S WORT (use as directed)

ECHINACEA (use as directed)

A good multi vitamin that is high in CALCIUM and ZINC.

ESSENTIAL OIL OF OREGANO in capsule form (use as directed)

Eat GARLIC everyday or take REAL GARLIC capsules(use as directed).

Get some APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (take about 2 teaspoons in a glass of water every morning).

Get some extra virgin COCONUT OIL (this seems weird but you want to wear it and eat it too). You take about 1-3 tablespoons everyday and you put in on your all over your body (mainly your spine, may need to get help with that) about 4-6 tablespoons every other night or but stay clothed.

Gargle Hydrogen peroxide everyday for 2 minutes and then spit it out.

DRINK PLENTY OF ALKALINE FORMING WATER daily! Try eating alkaline forming foods, if you can buy only organic foods if you can't afford organic this will not work to it's best ability.

Again I can't stress this enough do your best to eat alkaline forming foods and do your best to eat very little acidic forming foods. The ratio should be 80\\% alkaline forming and 20\\% acidic for 6 days a week and one day to go back to 70\\% - 30\\%. Remember this is for 3 months. Disease cannot live in an alkaline environment and when you consume and take those above supplements you should see some very good results. Also when you place the coconut oil on your body focus mainly the genitals and your spine. Also add TEA TREE OIL to your coconut oil(2 drops of TEA TREE OIL per ONE tablespoon of coconut oil) mix is up good in your hand and apply generously every other night. By doing all of this you are empowering your immune system probably like never before to be on super high alert against this virus and forcing it to hide which goes to the spine thus by applying the TEA TREE OIL and COCONUT OIL on your body (mainly your spine) it's attacking it in hyper active way, weakening it at every turn. It will be a long battle (3 months battling) but for less than $450-$600 (depending on the brands but it's up to you) in 90 days it's gone forever is a hands down blessing from God. Also I need to mention this. Praise God. Thank God everyday for you divine health. Pray for others often too. A help people more it does wonders for your health. God bless you all. HAPPY LIVING!

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I read your recommendations and comments by chance last night. My first breakout started about 14 days ago with a vengeance. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I read some online medical literature and tried reasonable over the counter gels to heal faster. At the same time, I limited alcohol and started a diet to improve my immune system. I don't know if comes down to luck but within seven days, my breakout stopped to a total of five blisters but they were not healing. As mentioned, I tried over the counter ointments for cold sores, etc., which had little to no affect in healing the blisters. Within three days of the blistering, I started taking L-Lysine (as directed), Zinc (as directed), changed my diet to avoid acidic and increase alkaline forming foods and had some improvement but the blisters were still red with the white/ yellow centers and not going anywhere. Three days ago, I started applying frankincense oil directly to the sores (I read an article regarding certain cancers and the benefits of frankincense to the immune system and figured what the hell) -- what I did is not recommended for everyone! The application of the oil does burnt like hell in some places!! Being a guy it's a nightmare until the pain subsides with rubbing underwear. But there was marked improvement in the sores' dryness and overall healing within the first day. The money shot came after reading your posting and tried your recommendation for drinking a glass of water with two teaspoons of apple cider (I used two tablespoons (oops))... I had a glass of it last night and woke up this morning with the sores healed, like almost completely gone. I know there are many variables that play into healing, but I'm sticking to the a changed diet with high alkaline forming foods, L-Lysine and Zinc supplements, immune boosting oils, apple cider water (two teaspoons NOT TABLESPOONS of apple cider lol), and a positive attitude every day. Thank you for your posting.


I tried as you instructed regarding the tea tree oil mixed with coconut oil and WOW! It helped stop the tingling and itching. I wanted to add in here to share with you all that Olive Leaf Extract has done a wonderful job for me. I had no outbreak for 2 years up til yesterday due to stressful emotional week. I doubled my dosage of the olive leaf extract and it seems to have helped along with the mixture of the coconut oil and the tea tree oil. Thank you for helping. I also checked the cellfood and saw that it comes in liquid and gel. Which one is better, do you know?

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