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Hello. It's been little over a month since I got surgery to remove my anal warts. Two weeks later after my surgery, I started seeing little warts come back again on the rim of my anus. I know that warts are a recurring thing so I'm not surprised. Tonight I'm going to try using AVC. I'm going to be using q-tips. I will post an update every other day or so. Hopefully this get rid of them for sure!


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Did you go directly to your primary care doctor or did you go straight to a specialist? I have patient first for my primary doctor and I don't want to go to them first but would rather go straight to a specialist. Any feedback would help. And what type of Doctor did your procedure?


Well I first went to the ER to actually get it checked out and they referred me to a specialist.

When I went to the specialist, he told me what they were going to was remove them. The surgery isn't to make them go away forever (as I spent researching this)... it's to just remove them. So I would say try the ACV for a week. If the problem still persists then I would say go see a specialist or your primary doctor, tell them what you've read and done and I feel like they should give you some idea on what to do next if the problem still persists.

I've also read that it sometimes takes more than 1 week if you aren't doing it so consecutively but if you do it the pain would be more intense.


Thanks for the reply. I was mostly wondering if I go straight to a specialist if he/she would see me without a referral to minimize the embarrassment of being seen twice by 2 different places.

I tried ACV before but I guess it wasn't consistent enough to be effective. I would get to day 2 with cotton swabs on my anal cavity and after that the pain would be unbearable so I would stop. I guess suck it up and keep going or do you have any tips to help?


Hi all, need help. what if you have anal warts beside a hemorrhoid. is it safe to use ACV to remove warts? thanks!


ACV is also a natural treatment for hemaroids so go for it. There are articles on the net for this also if you want to do more research. I had this and all gone after 4 days. Treated with cotton pad soaked in ACV and popped up bum overnight. Suck up burning pain tho. After 30-45 min it becomes more bearable.


Hi there, i tried ACV 3 days ago and it works incredibly!!!at first it felt like your putting chili on your anal. after day one i'm surprised coz my AW is slowly disappearing. i'll continue using ACV to completely remove AW and hemorrhoid as well.

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