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Hi girls, I've struggled with BV for almost 2 years now. I'm single and have stayed single because of it. I felt like there was no hope, I was so embarrassed with myself I felt like I'd never be able to be in a relationship because of what I was going through. At first it started with only a fishy smell after my period and than it went away. Than the second time it stayed for months. I was 18 at the time and should have felt more comfortable telling my mom but I'd never been good with opening up about my ladie problems because I thought that things like this never happened - UNTIL...I found this site. For another consecutive amount of months I tried different remedies to try and help cure my problem, from Apple cider vinager to yogurt tampons. The only things that really work were peroxide soaked tampons; this would take away the discharge and smell for about a day but I was scared to use it any longer because I noticed how dry I was becoming from it. The other was folic acid and acidophilus, orally taking month and vagibally inserting the acidophilus. This cured me for about 2 weeks of constantly taking the pills but the moment I stopped it crept it's way back and became even worse and more uncomfortable. Just when I thought all hope was lost, I tried the one thing I thought to be the most ridiculous. Vitamin C tablets with rose hips. Today on January 12th, I tried this for the first time. I took one orally and one vagibally (whole tablet) and waited. It's currently 3:35 in the morning and I did a little finger test to see if there was any funny smelling discharge. And what do you know, THERES NONE. I feel like crying tears of joy because I can't believe how quickly this worked. After so long I'm finally feeling like myself and found the miracle that will hopefully cure me. I'm going to get back into the gym, which I have been putting off because of my discomfort, eating heathlier than I already do and hanging with my friends or even reconnecting with old flings without wondering if anyone can smell me.

I recommend the Vitamin C tablets to anyone who's lost hope. I purchased them at my normal grocery store for $6.99CAN

I hope you girls find your cure. I've finally (hopefully) found mine.

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Hi. I'm very interested with this cure did you use vit.c with rose hips? Did you used 1000mg? How did you do it? 1 is Taken orally and other one inserted in thesame time?


Oh my god, I think I've permanently cured my chronic BV! I know I've posted this all over this site, but I'm so damn excited!!

I had it for four years. Poured over the research. Found short term fixes, tried antibiotics, but, wham, it always came back after sex. This time, it's stayed gone, with no maintenance therapy!

I used boric acid capsules VAGINALLY for three days (Do NOT ingest!!). It's an antiseptic, and gives you a clean slate. There's plenty of research out there on it.

Then I took Nature's Way Primadophilus Optima Women's 90 billion active probiotics for 30 days. After that, it was gone for the first time in four years. You MUST buy refrigerated probiotics. The reason probiotics haven't worked before is it was either the wrong strains or they weren't kept cold and the probiotics died. PLEASE TRY THIS, AND IF IT WORKS FOR YOU, PLEASE COMMENT HERE!


Do u make the boric acid capsules, or can u buy them?

Hoping For A Cure

Relieved and hopeful. Does the vitamin C still work for you?


Has this stayed away for both

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