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I was one pissed off person

ACV does work! I was a little skeptical about it at first but the first two days I used it and it burn like hell and I would put piece of toilet paper on top to help with the burning. I did use a cotton swab then just used a q-tip to apply the ACV and would fan dry until the burning sensation was tolerable. At first, I thought the ACV was irritating the warts more because they were swollen and look like they were getting bigger. I didn't care for the soaking of the cotton swab and sticking it in my butt, the q-tip was a lot more easier because i could insert it inside of my anal entry, and try to catch the ones that maybe inside. And it is thin and small. The third day, I decided to pour the ACV in my bath water. In which, it was a whole lot better. No burning at all! I applied neoporin afterwards and placed a piece of toilet paper on it so it would not get on my clothes. The fourth day I can see how they reduced in size and started to shrink. They turn black and in the beginning my butt was raw and irritated, so that's why I changed to the q-tip and started to pour in my bath water. But they were disappearing and falling off. I will continue this process until they are all gone.

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That's awesome! Have you done anything before applying ACV? Hope all goes well!


No I didn't use anything else before then. When I went to the doctor about it, she suggested the cryotherapy procedure but I could not afford it. So in the some research, I found that others were using this method and decided to try it. And it is working. The more irritated wart is now decreasing in size and the rest as disappeared. Bathing it the ACV as really helped me and using a q-tip to apply at time. The neoporin will help to keep your butt from feeling so raw. I hope sharing my experience will help others. I plan on going back to the doctor for a follow. I am so happy that I didn't have to come off hundreds of dollars to have a procedure when using this method as helped me tremendously!


That's awesome!

For me I had gotten the surgery done. I'm almost two months in and the sad thing is that they did come back. Luckily my insurance covered it so that was the nice part of it all.. the recovery part.. not so fun.

So how long did you use the cotton swab and when did you decide to switch to the q-tip/how many times did you use the q-tip?

When you put the ACV in your bath, did you just fill up the tub half way/how long did you stay in the bath?

I'm gonna start tonight with a cotton swab and try and sleep on it till the morning!

Again thank you for sharing! You have no idea how relieved I am!!! Hope this works!

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