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So happy I had to share this. After making the common mistake of using cotton buds and ending up compacting the wax deep into my outer ear (up against the drum in BOTH ears) and spending a whole week almost completely deaf in both ears, today I tried this....

I filled a hand-pump plant sprayer bottle with warm water (as hot as I could tolerate) and inserted the rounded-ended nozzle into my ears before starting to gently pump short, quick (but fairly firm) squirts of water into my ear canals, changing the angles ever so slightly every so often . To my utter delight and astonishment, I soon started to see very small fragments of thick darkened wax falling into the sink beneath and as the wax continued to break down further as it got evermore softened by the warm water, the particles got larger to the point that CHUNKS of wax were coming out with BROWN water! I then carried on until nothing but clear water cam out, and now my hearing is fully restored! To say I am happy is an understatement! It is common knowledge that one is taking a risk when practicing DIY earwax removal, but when done correctly (with water, NOT candling) I believe it's actually safer because you can feel yourself the exact amount of pressure that is comfortable and adjust the pressure you apply to the pump accordingly! My mother's plant-sprayer has been a godsend and did the job BEAUTIFULLY. It is important to use one with a small round adjustable nozzle because it fits perfectly in the ear and needs to be adjusted to give out a jet rather than spray-mist. I urge anyone to give this a try, provided of course that your ears are otherwise healthy and not infected. You won't do any damage if you start gently and increase the pressure to what you feel you can tolerate. Go slow...the whole process only took me about 10 minutes and after lying down on my bed with my head to one side and then the other, the excess water drained within about 15 mins. Awesome!

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Tried everything. Came across this, five minute later, I CAN HEAR AGAIN. Simple but effective. Than you.

rob, the earwax terminator!

I'm overjoyed to hear this worked for someone else! Thing is, if you get your ears shringed at the doctors, they will seldom take their time and will want to do the job as quickly as possible, hence being more likely to use to high a pressure that might be damaging. If you do yourself in the manner I stated, you can take your time to gently and safely apply the pressure you feel you can tolerate. It needn't be rushed....You'll HEAR when you break through the hardended wax, everything suddenly gets louder and you can feel the spray washing up against your eardrum. At this point, dont be afraid to continue until the water runs clean, the drum will NOT perforate, because YOU are in control! Taking your time with lower pressure is far more safe and effective than rushing the job with higher pressure....In fact, as silly as it sounds, I can't wait to get earwax again because I actually enjoyed the whole process of doing the job myself in a way that was comfortable for ME!


Thank you! This worked. Had a blockage of very hard wax for weeks and was completely deaf in that ear. I used colace (mentioned elsewhere) to help soften the wax, left it in my ear 30 minutes, then flushed with the plant sprayer and very warm water. It took awhile, but eventually a chunk of wax was flushed out. I may still have some wax but by golly, I can hear now!


I tried this and it didn't work :( I have been softening the wax with ear drops and salt water for 8 days and today I used warm olive oil. Then I tried using an ear bulb syringe and then a spray bottle filled with warm water. I squirted the water directly and firmly into my ear about 30 times and nothing. Idk if the wax is just stony hard and needs to soften more. Maybe I'll try again in a few days.


Wow! Thank you! I had quite a bit of hard wax so I had to attempt this twice. Day 1 almost nothing came out. Day 2 I used half warm water and half peroxide in the spray bottle. A ton of wax came out and I knew immediately when it dislodged because I could suddenly hear again. This will be my go to treatment from now on. Very grateful.


Glad to 'hear' this has worked for others, too!....For those that it doesn't....persevere and remember....TAKE your TIME!. When you start to see the first tiny specks of wax coming out with the water, you know then that the wax is STARTING to break down...then you must KEEP GOING! It likely won't all come out in one go....gentle pressure and lots of it is the way to go, taking time to soften and loosen gently and safely. It only worked for me on my second attempt as well. You must be brave enough to press the nozzle firmly against the entrance to the ear canal and hold it there when spraying, though. Pull away and not enough pressure is in the spray to enable penetration onto the wax.


Thank you thank you thank you! I've been battling for 5 days and had given up. Your method worked like a charm! I watched the ear wax fall into the sink and almost yelled "Yee Haw" but it was 5 am and not wanting to wake my husband I contained myself. Thank you again! I will pass this on.


Thanks for your praise, Mvermonter...

It cannot do any harm to gently spray water down the ear canal, provided the eardrum itself in not perforated or infected.

What a lot of folk don't realise is that with this method, you have to take your time and progress slowly. Allow 20-30 mins of spraying warm water gently into the ear to break up the wax GRADUALLY.

The only thing I'd like to add is that I'd recommend folk who try this should boil the water first so as to sterilize it before injecting into their ear canal, but obviously allowing it to cool to an acceptable temperature before using.

I now clean out ny ears regularly using this method whether they are blocked or not, about every 2 months. It has become a routine for me to do this, no diferent from cleaning my teeth or shaving my arms....routine maintenance. My ears will never get blocked again.

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