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I've had severe tooth pain for a few days now, always worse at night!!! Here are some things that have helped me, there was one I just tried this morning (covering my mouth with a washcloth, air was hitting my bad teeth needed quick fix, it worked for me!), laying my face down in a tub of hot water, kanka, swishing hot water, mostly 2 ibuprofen and 1 aspirin,or 4 ibuprofen for severe pain. I read some other other suggestions on here, I will try them too. Hope this helps someone. I feel your pain, literally!! Last night I was hunched over the couch crying my eyes out, and begging god for the sweet release of death!!!! There's one more thing I do for the pain, pressing the corner of a remote control up into my face, sounds strange, but helps sometimes.

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I started having a bad tooth ache Thursday morning and tried several things; 2 Aleve worked last tooth ache.....:-( not this time. Nor did peroxide, orajel, aspirin, sensodyne.....Finally, ice chips on the tooth. I did it for 12 hours non-stop last night, otherwise ER for me......


An ice pack helps me, but there's no way I would put ice chips on my teeth, not unless I want to put a gun to my head lol!

scherri williams

i use mouth wash 3 times a day... stop the pain......


Something else that I've found to be helpful, thanks to advice from here,is brushing my teeth with sensodyne, or any toothpaste made for sensitive teeth.

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