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I am 16 and I have been diagnosed with GH 2 days ago, these past few days have been like a rollercoaster but my family my boyfriend and my GP have been my saviours. I realised I had soars on my vagina and got checked out and then diagnosed. The sores are just getting more painful by day and urinating is extremely painful , so I started to apply Vaseline(petroleum jelly) on my sores and makes urinating a lot easier and stops rubbing together of sores. But doesn't stop the stinging fully. If anyone has any other remedies to stop that stinging could they please comment them. I have been very tired and dizzy as of the antiviral medication I have been prescribed. Sitting down and standing up must be done slowly as it can be quite painful and uncomfortable in certain positions . If anybody has any tips or questions please comment them!

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First break outs usually are the worst. They normally won't be as bad over time. Urinating can burn especially with open blisters. If mine burns too much I just pee in the shower or try pouring a little water while you pee to help neutralize the urine. Also keep the area dry and cool. Hot and damp will not help the blisters dry up. Try baking soda or power on the area and cotton panties to keep it dry. Valtrex works well for me. If you can take it easy and try not to walk around a lot if unnecessary. Avoid junk foods, alcohol and chocolate. Drink lots of water as well. A good diet will help. Hope that helps a little.


take a cotton round put apple cider vinegar on it and Apple to the spots, basically leave the riund(s) on there, it's going to burn pretty badly but remember the feeling of peeing and know this will help close the sores and when you per it will feel normal again.

this helps tremendously. just do this a few times a day for a couple of days and you will notice it going away


That's so dangerous that "god" your talking about is NOT God that is the devil and now you are going to have a big price to pay for your cure that's far worse then GH..... Honey I hope you didn't do what this person did your better off dealing with the herpes then submitting yourself to what this person did they used witchcraft and it always comes with a price far worse than the benefit.

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