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Jessica lee

I used when I had an extraction toothpaste containing baking soda I would put a small amount on my index finger and gently rub into the inflamed area then I would get listerine and rinse my mouth out with that because it contains ethanol which can cause a numbing affect once I did that I used warm salty water and repeated these steps until the pain was dulled out so I could take my medication and go to bed it works so well

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Clove oil & peppermint oil works.

Gargle with warm salt water 3 times a day.

Brush & floss at least twice a day.

Get teeth cleaned by a dentist twice a year. Look for dental schools or special coupons from dentist.

Google free dental day.


I have gum aches sometimes.often caused by stress .ive been forced to use.saltwater.whisky with ice.orelgel.medicated mouthwath.even oral b.mouthwash .toothpaste.ive had. Gum aches 7 times in my lifetime.painkillers help to like cocodamal.its really annoying when you get gum ache.I do try to look after my teeth.avoid eating sweets.chocolate.


Thank u so much I kinda just made my own toothpaste i mixed salt and baking soda wit some crest toothpaste cause that's all I had and brush my teeth wit that pain instealy (gone) I'm so happy been in pain for bout two hours pain is gone now I'm going to bed thank u again

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