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The pink fantailed pigeon

So i've been combating a rather painful toothache, i've broken a tooth with a cavity and currently cannot afford to see a dentist. Tonight I was woken up by the unbearable throbbing pain in my tooth,gum and up through my left cheekbone. So naturally i did what every smart young man/woman does when they need help at 3 AM. I googled help :D. What i found out that's dulled it enough to help me atleast get back to sleep was a mixture of holding and gently swishing a quarter of a cap of mouth wash over the hurting area and then right after this swishing the same amount of bacardi over the sore spot and spitting it out. Now it doesnt make the pain go away but it dulls it enough to go back to bed. went from a 8-9 pain down to a 2-3 so it helps well enough. I hope you all find this helpful just a bit, oh and fair warning, it kinda burns when ya do it also only do the rinses for about 20-30 and dont forget to spit both out~ Hope you all can sleep~

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Tara Benton

Thank you so much for that information, I'm going to try it until I can get in to get it pulled!

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