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The pain of a boil or boil(s) just can't be overstated, both physically and emotionally speaking.

For those who haven't experienced this frustrating and often painful condition, it would be hard to understand the level of pain which can radiate from such a relatively small area.

I'd like to thank all of those who have shared their experiences and resultant remedies on this site. Its been very helpful, resourceful and reassuring for me.

I am one of the lucky ones; I experience only two to three boils per year, and always in the same darn place. The dreaded fold. The plumber's nightmare. The Valley of Broken Screams. Yes. My ass crack. My heart truly goes out to those who endure the pain of this condition in a greater frequency and number than myself.

I follow the same procedure each time when dealing with mine. I don't like poking and prodding too much; as one will soon find out, the resultant scar tissue of a repeatedly popped, squeezed or otherwise forced draining of a boil can often be just as uncomfortable as the original offending wound.

I have a large steel mixing bowl, which I used to use for cooking and most assuredly no longer do. I fill this with very hot water, and mix in about 3/4 of a cup of iodized salt. This can be quite an uncomfortable experience, but it does indeed dry the boil up, and forces the core to the surface to form the sometimes elusive "whitehead".

I pull my pants down, and sit the offending butt cheek side into the bowl. As I said, trust me, this is really uncomfortable at first. Some may not be able to bear the stinging.

I will soak the boil for approximately 45 minutes to one hour. Watching a TV documentary about someone going through something worse than me helps, as does a bit of meditation. I then dry the area with a clean, soft towel by patting, not rubbing. I will wait approximately a half hour until my skin returns to it's pre-saturated state and is no longer wrinkly. I'll then dump the bowl, refill it as before and repeat the step. Once I've soaked it for another hour or so, I then hop into a nice hot shower, and direct the shower stream so that it is directly cascading onto the boil. I take one of those scrunchie pads, and lightly, in a circular motion without applying pressure, scrub antibacterial dish soap directly onto the boil. This motion and exercise further "irritates" the head of the boil. I carry out this exercise for about three or four minutes, as this stage can be quite painful. I usually sing something nonsensical, such as the ninth symphony, and lace the offending song with colourful epithets. I am fairly certain that my neighbours in the adjoining side by side are convinced that I've long ago lost my sanity. At this point, I'm entirely certain that I have.

After I hop out of the shower, I dry off very well with a soft towel again, making sure that the boil-afflicted area is very very dry. I'm usually doing this around bedtime.

I will then take a non-adhesive 4x4 pad, and tape it by the corners as best I can ( location, location, location) directly over the boil. I do this dry, and add no ointments. I'll place a dark towel over my sheet, lay down on it, take a painkiller, and crash for the night.

Usually when i wake up in the morning, the boilish b#stard has erupted, leaving a considerable mess. ill hop directly into the shower, clean the wound off with a gentle soap such as Dove, and I'll irrigate the now open wound with the shower stream.

When I get out of the shower, I'll again dry the area very, very well, coat it in polysporin, and tape on another non-stick pad. I have to change this a couple of times throughout the day to counter the continued drainage.

When I go to bed that night, I leave the wound open, and lay down on another CLEAN towel.

I repeat the dressing in the morning and so forth thereafter until the boil is no longer a problem; until the next time I have this literal pain in the ass.

I hope this helps someone. This is certainly not a pain free method, but it always works for me.

Best of luck with your own afflictions folks, and may you be pain-free.

I then hop out of the shower

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That was hilarious!! I'm glad you hopped out of the shower at the end- I thought you were still in there!

I used sea salt to fix my little boil...which was only 6mm big but radiated a red glow from its centre and this little demon was located on my butt cheek!

But I slurped some olive oil laced with sea salt on a gauze bandage and within 12 hrs it had drained itself. I kept it covered until it had closed over. Keep area clean and wash hands well


Very informative and entertaining! I will try your remedy since I woke up with one myself this morning in that dreaded place. Thank you and good life to you!

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