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I often get horrible skin boils on my chin, especially when I eat too much fast food. I used to to do everything I possibly could to get rid of them, which often meant damaging my skin, but through a long process of trial and error, I've learned how to get rid of them without causing a huge mess on my face. As soon as I notice one has shown its ugly lil face on my chin again, I immediately take 2 Tumeric capsules. Tumeric helps to detox the blood and in my own experience, heal my boils faster. I take it 3xs a day. Next I soak a cotton ball in warm salt water (Epsom Salt) and apply it to the area for at least 15min, if not longer, several times a day. (1/4C to 1C water). I re-soak the cotton ball as needed. This acts like a warm compress and also softens up the skin in order for me to be able to treat it more thoroughly. Next, I apply 1 drop of Tea Tree essential oil directly onto the boil followed by Aloe Vera Gel and a small amount of antibiotic ointment. I repeat this process 3xs a day. I also eat healthy, consuming large amounts of onion and garlic as well as drink as much water as possible. At night, I repeat the steps above and then cover the boil with a baking soda/water paste to help with any possible scarring. Right before bed, I cover it with a good clay mask and a small dab of calamine lotion to help dry it out while I sleep. My boils usually heal within a few days to 1 week. Of course if my boil is really bad and it refuses to heal with the remedies above, then I will make an appt. with my dermatologist to get a steroid shot and antibiotics. Sometimes this is necessary if the infection on my chin is too deep.

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