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There is a small transmittable bug that I get infested with on a regular basis. It is small and quick. When I hug someone (and I am a natural hugger), I sometimes notice getting itchy after a few minutes. They like heat of the face. A facial itchiness, noticed especially near the eye, brow, nose or cheek, sometimes later in the scalp. Then I know I got cooties. A non scientific observation is that a shower will get rid of em. But when I handle the clothes, I can feel em jump on my arms. They will invest the bed, and are a very stubborn, lightweight annoyance, but left untended, after about a week, their multiple nips of my hide at night keep me awake and fretting.

These leave individual red bites on the face, love to live in bedding, yet are not bedbugs, (can't see em) and jump or are really quick. Quarantine (bag clothes till laundry) and cleanliness is the solution.

Vacuuming fabric, like chairs, carpet, bed, heating pillows in the shower stall with a blow dryer, washing linens regularly will reduce them to disappearance stage, but must be kept up for a month or their kids come back...persistent buggers.

Please don't hug when you are itchy. I observe that newly Invested people will scratch at their scalps or faces suddenly, like fleas are attacking, but more experienced folks will scratch their hair, or wipe away from their faces the motion of the critters,

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, wow when did you find out you had them and how was you diagnosed the reason I ask is because I have been thinking I have had head lice but never found a bug or a net just itching and maybe I have had it mixed up with what you're talking about do you have a name for it so I can do more research, the more you can tell me the better thanks


I have the same problem. And it makes me not want to go out in public and i am a clean person and house is but everytime i walk out my door or go in a room with windows opend i get same feeling

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