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Maddie K.

I know that with my long, thick, wavy hair most treatments don't work as well so i decided to try something with the same idea. I used one bottle of the strongest gorilla snot i could find and pushed the gel almost INTO my scalp the hair for about 2-3 inches plus my scalp were completely "saturated" and covered by the gel...Then i attempted to get what i could from then on covered in gel also but as i have REALLY long hair i didn't get it all, which was fine as i rolled it into a bun where the semi-un-coated parts of hair were at the very center. I put a bout an inch or so of the gorrilla snot gel around my hairline then I put a bag over my head and pretty much just left part of my neck and my face out before adding saran wrap around it to where JUST my face was visible. Left it in for about an hour with a clean beanie over my giant cone-head creation(Optional but to make sure it doesn't move you can also put tape around the edges). After the waiting and going about my normal activities i used a cheap lemon/citrus dish soap to lather completely soap ball my hair and rinsed it out. When i rinsed it out i scratched a bit along my scalp under the water and towel dried just to make sure it wasn't crazy wet. The end of my hair were completely covered with about a layer of scalp skin,lice, and nits!(Optional) Ok before you reach for the lice combs... reach for the petroleum jelly and cover just your scalp and maybe, at most, a half inch to an inch of hair. Let it sit for a minute or so and then start combing it out, preferably with a metal lice comb. Honestly... just use anything to make the tangles easier to handle and only coat the scalp. You can do this everyday to make sure they are gone but... after one or two treatments I'm happy. If you cant get the nits out on the scalp, try making a mixture of rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, and spic and span(any antibacterial cleaning substance spray)- Equal parts alcohol and the remover then just about a cap or 2 second count for spic and span. Spray the roots of your hair and sit for 5-10 minuted with hair up and rinse... It should be easier after a bit of conditioner or petroleum jelly then comb immediately after haha! Get those bugs out! Good luck everyone! If you need help you can email me at

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