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Ugh! I too had this embarrassing problem! 29 year old female who once had a hemorrhoid that went away and left this nasty flap of skin behind. I went to 4 doctors none would remove the skin tag. They said "it will come back" or "its best to just leave those things alone." Finally a dermatologist agreed to cut it off and cauterize it. However 6 weeks later it looked worse! it looked there was just a chunk taken out of one large skin tag and it now appeared to be two small skin tags. I went back after 6 weeks and he said "sorry come back in 6 months and maybe we can do something. but I think you should leave it alone." Not to mention for 3 weeks after the dermatologist cut it off the area was extremely swollen.

Finally I took matters in my own hands.

I ordered surgical scissors online. I used alcohol to sanitize, LOTS of gauze,and betadine to prep the area. I used nothing for numbing. I was so desperate I didn't even care. And with a few snips I chopped the darn thing off. I did kind of the squeeze and hold method described by someone who use nail clippers. Where I snipped to where it hurt then let it go numb then snipped a little deeper. I put Neosporin on it. Will let you know how it heals!

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Not brave

I take my hat off to you. Good you are ok. X


Anon, how much gauze is LOTS? 1 roll, 2, 3 rolls?

How long it took for the bleeding to stop? 10 min? 2 hours? How much blood you lost?

How did you stop it, just kept pressure on?



I used 2 rolls of gauze. A lot more bleeding than expected for a small spot. I would say it was about the size of a pea. I kept pressure on it and it stopped bleeding after 15 minutes. I had to go back in and snip a few places I missed. Still has been spot bleeding here and there. Just been keeping neosporin on it.


Thanks for the info, get well soon.

Keep us posted.


Feels and looks fine today. Looks a heck of a lot better than how swollen it was after the dermatologist used a needle to inject numbing stuff.


R u stupid?


2 days back i have put a comment of getting my skin tag removed that was very smooth enough without any hassale and tellin people to stop doing any home remedies Nd rather go to dermatologist and with electro cautery method in leas than 5 min its done without any sense of pain


Mine healed fine! But yes definitely go to a medical doctor and get their opinion. Don't take advise from a stranger on the Internet. I am by no means a medical advisor. Just sharing my experience!

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