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Hello I suffered from severe leg and foot cramps for years and used the soap remedy and it worked well for about 3 months then it started to wear off despite changing the soap regularly so i tried the organic pressed apple cider vinegar before going to bed this worked well for a few days before I stopped taking it due to the acid indigestion, however I now take golden rod a dried herb from my garden which is working well, still keeping the soap in the bed which lessens the cramps anyway

I would recommend half to a full teaspoon of golden rod stem and flower in tea to anyone suffering from severe leg cramps, I haven't had a single attack of the cramps since starting it a few weeks ago

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Be extremely careful if you suffer from hayfever or pollen allergies when taking anything containing goldenrod. It can cause a severe allergic reaction.

Dena jones

I have severe cramping been up since wed 2am now it Thursday. I get cramping with muscle spasms. My right leg goes crazy. Going to try your remedy now.Dr refer to me as a hard case thank you


I suffer MAJOR pain in legs hands arms you get the idea.Never heard of this soap thing.But 2 packets of mustard sure help.Football players use this.But mine is caused by medical treatments 1× a week and drain 8 to 9 little of fluid off me.I have Liver Failure.Baths are heaven sent but can't stay submerged 4ever.Help....

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