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About two months ago I started to have a really painful area around my anus and I would bleed profusely when using the bathroom or wiping, which only got worse with time. I'm a healthy 30 y/o male who lifts/exercises at least 5x a week so didn't think much of it (I had never heard of a skin tag before), and just assumed it was a hemorrhoid. However, after using Prep-H for two weeks and it only getting worse I decided it had to be something else.

Thankfully I stumbled upon this site during one of my more painful bathroom experiences, and hearing that other people have the same issue has somehow made it a lot more tolerable. I decided to do the "cut it off" method and wanted to share my results.

What I did:

I couldn't handle the pain or annoyance anymore, came home after work and after sanitizing both the area and a pair of cuticle scissors, began cutting away. As an FYI, I didn't use any numbing agents or ice, which I would recommend to anyone trying this.

Pain level:

At first, just a slight pinch as I got at the top skin. Towards the base, almost unbearable, which led to me stop after removing ~50\\% of the tag.

Blood level:

My bathroom floor had a significant amount of blood, as did my legs as it ran down. I took a very hot and very thorough shower after, and blood level went down quickly throughout the night. I also poured Purell on a tissue and dabbed the spot with it to ensure cleanliness.


The first BM I had afterwards was glorious. Hardly any pain, and I felt like I had just changed my life. However, 3 days later it is still very very tender and leaking a little bit of blood, which has led to the awkward solution of having to place a cotton ball on what remains of the tag, and walking around/sitting in the office with that so it doesn't bleed through my pants. I have an already scheduled Dr. appointment this week, so plan on bringing it up in that appointment and seeing if the doc can maybe just snip the rest off.

Sharing these stories is great - I had no idea other people were out there going through the same painful/embarrassing things I was, so thanks so much and hopefully my story helps someone too.

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Not brave

Post what the doctor says! I am at my wits end. :-(

Not brave

I think we should post our experiences to discourage other people taking things into their own hands. Despite that the embarrassment is the driving force, we are all incredibly brave people to attempt such incredibly painful attempts.

Anyway. Good luck, I have been brave enough to see the doctor yet. :-(


@Not_Brave I certainly will do that after I speak with the Doctor. I also started the ACV treatment today on the remaining part, and no pain so far. I am skeptical of this method even though so many people have touted its benefits, as I can't believe that something that requires getting cut off with scissors will just fall off after a couple of days with ACV and a cotton ball.

Not brave

I share your skepticism about ACV too. But am also trying it. It's time consuming too and I'd like too!

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