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The skin on my hands split & bled because of candida, one of the most difficult infections to rid oneself of since this vile infection thrives on everything that can usually be considered food. At any rate, during my last session of splitting/bleeding (not just on my fingertips but all over my hands), I decided to try some of Obenauf's heavy duty leather protector I had just ordered to re-waterproof my shoes and boots. Amazingly, after only 24 hours (a first versus ALL of the other "remedies" I've tried) the bleeding had stopped and within about a week, almost all signs of discoloration, dryness, peeling skin etc. were gone! I simply applied a small amount of the cream/paste to the affected skin on my hands about twice per day (it's quite soothing and smells like a combination of honey and leather) and continued about my normal routine. I'm not sure if anyone else has stumbled upon this remedy or not- I hadn't heard anyone else recommend it- so I truly thank God for this cure, because it has worked FAR better than any of the other items I've tried and is more than worth every penny. Find it online at, Amazon , eBay or other retailers- this is the solution you've been looking for and I recommended it more highly than anything else!

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Thank you for the recommendation on the "Obenauf" cream. I just ordered and I'm hoping it helps. I always get dry skin however--this is way worse than ever and I feel something else is going on. Thanks so much!!

Jane m

This year my fingers were splitting in the summer and at the moment I have 5 fingers between both hands that are split I use plasters and gemoline and hemp from the body shop and out of all the hand creams thus one is the best for me it does help my splits a lot I put plenty on befotre bed and let it slowly sosk in to my hands my cat doesn't like the smell of it

Split fingers

Thank you for the info samuel!

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