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Hi guy, doc said I've got this few days ago. I'm currently doing the eyelid therapy and on some antibiotics and drops. I do the warm compress also. I take the omega 3 capsule also once a day. Is there anything I can do ???? I feel the irritation badly as I feel a bit of twitching of the eyelid occasionally.

Pls advice. Really appreciated.


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I have had this for years... get on a low dose of doxicycline, take 9 fish oil and 9 flax seed oil every day.

Above all a warm compress every night. I have an eye mask that can go in mirowave. I wet a damp cloth, put the mask inside it... heat it up while wrapped in a towel - them put the heated cloth that has the mask inside over my eye... with a heating pad on top...

then was on side cools, you can switch it over..

good luck to you

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