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Jo C.

I've had RLS for 15 years now,i take Ropinirole for it and it takes awhile for it to kick in. Went online for home remedies for RLS read 363 comments most said ivory soap in socks worked for them, i was skeptical,today was a bad RLS day. I tried the ivory home remedy today within minutes my legs were better. Made me a believer it really works. Thank You

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Ivory soap or Dove soap bars between the sheets have worked for me. Nonevasive, no pills, natural and besides my sheets smell nice.


I have had RLS for over well over 20 yrs, becoming worse since turning 60. Tried the soap under the sheet. Did not work. Came back to it recently but I grabbed a bar of soap (dial) as a pressure piece just above the knee.(I lay face down with a bar under the above knee area). I thought it was a fluke that it worked. It's been 2 weeks of use and getting good results. I

also use the bars no matter how I lay to sleep and going as far as rubbing the bar on top of

pajama legs on top of thigh area. The only other home remedy that works for me is ice pack in same area. Since nothing works forever, I wait to see if this continues to work. I have also

used medications per MD but hate the "dumbing down", and tiredness it results in. Might as well

just keep fighting the RLS. What the heck can a simple bar of soap do that it helps? beats me.


its pretty crazy, rls gone as soon as the soap touches my legs, comes back of course but it does work.


I swear by Ropinerole. I have moved to a new state and don't have a Dr yet and of course I ran out. And it's the weekend. It's literally driving me insane

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