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I've been reading through all of these remedies and I'm shocked I haven't come across my family's generation long remedy for RLS.

I won't be wordy, you people need SLEEP, you're going mad, your legs hurt from flexing all damn night. You look like shit and you're grumpy all the time. I know, I've been there.

Go to the grocery store. Find the canned fruits aisle. Canned RED TART cherries IN WATER. Eat them, drink the juice (water) as well as the cherries. Eat them in the morning, afternoon, whenever - they will give you peace, I promise.

Another option, if you have the extra crinkle, buy pure tart cherry juice; this is like that pure cranberry juice that taste like hell. If it's tasty, you got the wrong stuff. It will be expensive - that's one way to know for sure. A bottle is usually about $12-20, but it lasts and it WORKS.

Start with the canned cherries (I eat about 1/3 of a can per day for guaranteed relief) and go from there. At $1.50-3.00 a can you cant beat it. (And the canned ones actually aren't too bad)

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This is what cured my father's gout back in 1968. His doctor told him to eat black cherries and all he could find were canned. He was cured in no time. I have RLS so I'm getting a can of cherries! Thanks.

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