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Not brave

Hello all. I feel mentally wrecked and physically at the end of my tether. I am on day 2 of this anal skin tag removal with dental floss epic adventure. And I could cry and I wish I had not started this. I can't see the end. Please someone tell me their success stories to keep me motivated.

The pain/discomfort is draining yet I can't stop as there is virtually no way of removing the tape that is attached to the skin tag. How long does it take for the pain to stop and the "thing" to fall off.

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how did it go?? did it come off ? I'm going through the same

Not brave

I realised that the dental tape slips. You literally cannot tie it right enough yourself. I took it all off. Now things are worse and am trying apple cider vinager. Very unhappy. :-(

Tried it

Don't do it !!i did it. It got I infected and ended up having to go get the embarrassment cut off :/

Not brave

I am with you Tried it! I am waiting for it all to settle down then am off to the gp. I regret trying to do it myself totally.

A word of warning to all. Don't try this at home!

Say no to Tags

i tried apple cider vinegar and it just inflamed it more.. this is the first day and it is more swollen and more painful.. but I'm join to keep on with it. and if that doesn't work. dental floss it is!!


I just bought tag band skin tag removal on Amazon for my anal skin tag day 1 it was uncomfortable lots of wiggling while driving, day 2 no pain turning grey I added a second band no pain, day 3 completely black no pain and I snipped it off with clean cuticle clippers. It bled a spot on a cotton ball barely nothing. It's now later in the evening day 3 it still has some dead skin attached used some hemridal cream to reduce swelling, I'm going to put some apple vineager on a cotton ball and keep it on tomorrow. So glad it's gone.

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