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Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, I have found the answer you've been searching for! Throughout this horrible horrible experience I think I've read every forum known to man on how to treat this.I have tried everything in the book, every forum ever. ACV baths(which helped) Hydrogen peroxide(worked once for a week)etc. I've seen women talk about suffering for YEARS. I too, was one who suffered for about 2 years. I was barely able to do anything in general let alone anything intimate. Its a miserable lifetime and I found my answer, and hopefully yours!

-Global healing center OREGANO OIL. THIS is the BEST ever. I cannot express enough. It's a little bit pricey but you put 6 drops of it into a capsule that they send along with the bottle & dropper. Take this THREE times a day right after you have eaten. (the bottle lasts a long time)

Right after I take that I take an -ORGANIC INDIA TURMERIC capsule- (i took up to three a day sometimes) FOUND ON AMAZON!

AND last but not least I would take THREE organic chlorella capsules 2 a day. i used NOW FOODS also found on AMAZON!

I followed this for a couple weeks and noticed my BV up and literally flew out the door! I have won my battle with BV and chronic yeast infections.

All of these put together kill the candida in your gut which fuel harmful bacteria and cause inflammation. Oregano oil alone is very potent. But with all three of these you can succeed. I have also been eating garlic with every meal and using coconut oil! Please do not pass this up! Make sure you take lots of vitamin c and drink lots of water, exercising helps to sweat out the toxins and purge bacteria out of your body! And echinecea can be your best friend. I wish you all well! I hope everyone can see this.

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Hi there,

I've read tons of different home remedies for treating BV but I don't think I've ever come across the ingredients you mentioned so I'm going to give them a try. I just wanted to ask if you are still BV-free.


Yes, I also am wondering how long or often do you take this cocktail of capsules? Daily forever, for a week or until symptoms go away? Just wondering how often I need to take them or take them daily? Thanks


Hi there. Are you still bv free?


Oh my god, I think I've permanently cured my chronic BV with no maintenance therapy required! I know I've posted this all over this site, but I'm so damn excited!!

I had it for four years. Poured over the research. Found short term fixes, tried antibiotics, but, wham, it always came back after sex. This time, it's stayed gone, with no maintenance therapy!

I used boric acid capsules VAGINALLY for three days (Do NOT ingest!!). It's an antiseptic, and gives you a clean slate. There's plenty of research out there on it.

Then I took Nature's Way Primadophilus Optima Women's 90 billion active probiotics for 30 days. After that, it was gone for the first time in four years. You MUST buy refrigerated probiotics. The reason probiotics haven't worked before is it was either the wrong strains or they weren't kept cold and the probiotics died. PLEASE TRY THIS, AND IF IT WORKS FOR YOU, PLEASE COMMENT HERE!

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