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So two three weeks ago I decided to tie my skin tag off with dental floss it was pretty long 3/4 inch maybe. I tied the tip because I couldn't get close enough to the base, however it took forever to see changes and just kept getting bigger and it was so, so painful. I couldn't sit it swelled up to a small grape. I decided it wasn't going to die after 4 days of having it because there was no color change and the string was already too wedged in there to even cut off. Avoiding the doctor I tied another floss this time closer to the base. OMG it hurt so bad, those 5 days of my life was the most painful thing I have ever experienced taking off the extra week of pain when I tried to cut it off because it was just too much. I only cut less than half of it and had to stop from the severe bleeding and pain.(also minor bleeding prior to cutting from the dental floss alone) Eventually I went to the doctors, it took another week and it was hell, I felt like every time my bowel move or I needed to pass gas someone was giving me and extremely painful wedgie. So after three weeks my tag stopped hurting as much but was still sore, I had to take a week off work because I couldn't walk, sit, or do anything.I went to the doctors, they sent me to the ER, then finally, I went to a colorectal place and they removed it. Had me on jack position, my face of the chair and my ass on the air. She numbed me by injecting me and that was honestly very painful I wasn't completely numb when she cut it off and it hurt but just for a quick four seconds or so. This happened today and honestly it wasn't that bad the pain has subsided and I feel way better that before and I now have a smooth bottom. And also it did bleed a little bit when she cut it off but not a lot. When I cut it it bled like crazy.

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so sad

hi! did the surgeon cauterise your skin after removing the skin tag or stitched it? thanks!


No she did not. I had some bleeding, but not a lot to put a stitch in. I stopped bleeding that same day I had it removed. And also an update I don't know whether it is just swelling but there is still some part of the tag left.

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