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I had angular chelitis for about 20 years. 5 years ago for unrelated reasons I decided to give up all added sugar & white flour. Bingo it has not returned since. As an aside giving up sugar & white flour also cleared up a myriad of other health issues, the big one being frequent migraines but also minor annoyances you may associate with growing older like toe nail fungus, a big belly, blocked sinuses, lots of gunk in the corners of my eyes, wheezing when exercising, nighttime leg cramps, dandruff. Totally eliminating these two items means no packaged food items so I’ve also removed almost all food additives which no doubt has much to with it. Hard to do yes (at least initially), I need to spend more time on food preparation but boy I am fitter, slimmer and have more energy than when I was in my mid twenties (now 50).

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