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Having genital warts is such a downer. finding those little warts on my most prized possession almost gave me a heart attack. I went to CVS and bought an over the counter compound w wart freeze off that you would use on regular warts. I almost burnt off my package trying this. The formula was way too strong and caused a lot of bleeding. And the worst part is the wart didn't come off. So next I dried ACV. I put it on day and night for 2 months and absolutely nothing happened. So finally i found a genital wart cream called Natrula for genital warts and it worked like a charm. I put it on 2 times a day for about 5-6 days and bingo, it actually removed my genital warts. Make sure you get some treatment as soon as you see genital warts because my warts started out small and then became a cluster. But I'm happy to say im genital wart free today. I feel really bad if your know having to deal with this situation but it can be solved don't worry so just hang in there.

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Where can i find naturla?


Yes where can you get this stuff at?

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