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Two things:

1. Hydrogen peroxide: use the q tip and rub it all over the GW.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar: use the q tip and rub it all over the GW after hydrogen peroxide.

Mine disappear within 3 days.

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Okay so I read over all the comments and heard mixed reviews about Apple cider vinegar.. people said it works others said it didn't.. I was extremely sceptical about this I mean come on Apple cider vinegar really.. well let me be the first to say this actually freaking works!!! I did as one poster said I scrubbed area with antibacterial soap (dial) used hydrogen peroxide to clean and sterilize area after the burn of the peroxide faded I soaked a cotton ball of Heinz Apple cider vinegar then scrubbed the wart and also squeezed the wart with the cotton ball and did this about 5-10 minutes this is day 3 of this posting since doing this method and the wart is shrinking and turning black so yes this worked for me


hey so once it's black do you keep applying the ACV or leave it alone??

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