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I've been suffering from a severe toothache for over a month, it just recently started swelling up my face and neck. I have no insurance or money to get it taken care of. I tried pretty much all of the remedies on here. I spent most nights in tears begging God to stop the pain. I said a lot of prayers and found that Sensodyne toothpaste helps a bit, baking soda paste and listerine. Out of all of the remedies those usually bring a little relief. As I sit here with an ice pack on my face, I feel your pain fellow sufferers. Hope everyone feels better soon!

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I say,Go to a Dentist !


My pain is shooting and rinsing with Listerine the edge off.


I've had a tooth ache since the start of the month and it's literally killing me and I've tried everything and nothing's worked and can't take the pain no longer? Is it worth to get an emergence dentist appointment? I haven't been to the dentist since last May time?


Google free dental day. Also look for dental schools that will reduce the price.

Gums & teeth pain: Clove & peppermint oil, swish mouth with warm salt water, use vanilla extract, tea tree oil, baking soda.

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