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I have had GH for the last 12 years and my first OB was the worst, by far. I have gone OB free for years at a time with suppressive therapy, however around May 2015 I started having OB's monthly and at times only going a few days I between out breaks and even with my antiviral. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?I have a doctors appointment Tuesday to hopefully address why this has started happening. What I have had luck with was; keeping the area dry, hair dryer, using ice pack (wrapping in cotton towel), weapon salt baths, using a fan help dry the area and applying vitamin e oil to the sores w a Q tip. What I can say it this, life goes on even with GH, it is good to know we are all not alone.

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I have had GH since June 2013 and everytime i had an ob i realized if hadn't washed myself right after having sex wit my partner I'd get an ob within the next couple of days also junk food chocolate things Like that also i feel a cause of it...but i still have ob but don't take meds i don't believe in man made meds so in now trying home remedies...haven't found a good one yet tho... Good luck


Read up on diet to help prevent ob's. Awareness about trigger foods as well as stress relievers have helped limit my ob's.

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