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Just to clarify a few things since I studied Medical Microbiology and lots of research on remedies and my own experience. BV (bacterial vaginosis) is not candida, candida is a fungal infection that can occur in different parts of the body. Candida causes yeast infections and BV can increase your chances of getting one but they are different. Candida's home remedy is extremely high doses of odorless garlic/kyolic supplements. BV is an imbalance of a woman's natural flora, science has not confirmed whether it is the high pH (low acidity) or bacteria (gardnerella vaginalis) overgrowth which prolongs the imbalance, but they go hand in hand. Mine was triggered by antibiotics for a sinus infection leaving me depleted of my natural good flora. Also it is not an STD and a man cannot carry it. A mans semen though can upset a woman's pH and often the smell is more prevalent after sex. My advice as well is to get a confirmation from your doctor before you seek treatment, a less known STD Trichomonas is also a cause of imbalance so you won't cure BV without treating that first or eliminating Candida. I also advice women to stop putting weird things in their vagina in hopes of a miracle cure, the vagina is self cleaning and balancing so you want to do as little as possible to restore balance. Like using tea tree oil as an antibiotic, which is fine if you don't want antibiotic cream but you still need to restore your flora and pH after or it will return. I seemed to have rid my body after 6 months. I changed my diet, since that never hurts, limiting bad sugars and consuming wheat grass powder in addition to supplements (fish oil, multi, vitamin D, general probiotic, and the amazing fem-dophilus). Then I went full blast Doctor prescribed vaginal antibiotic for 5 days. Once completed I tripled my fem-dophilus intake as well as alternating inserting one capsule vaginally at night with using repHresh every few nights, slowing tapering off over a month. While using lubricant free condoms to avoid disruption. If I feel I may become imbalanced I do some fem-dophilus vaginally and use a repHresh (amazing product meant for balancing a woman's pH, it's OTC and I feel a better choice than boric acid). Good luck! every woman is different but I found making a plan of attack for a few months to eliminate overgrowth then restore pH and healthy flora is the way to go while keeping your general health and diet good.

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Is the pill you inserted made for oral use


I am a nurse and have struggled with this issue many times the Vitiman C insert also worked for me but heed my warning if taking 500+ of it, it will induce your period. It also will make the discharge chunky but that's just it doing its job make sure to drink a lot of water also try the VH essentials probiotic with cranberry oral capsules they help keep everything balanced as well as help prevent utis

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