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I have found that once it appears, you can take and melt 1 ice cube on it. Yes it is a bit uncomfortable till the area goes numb from freezing. But it has work many times over for me and those I have told about it as well. It may even work on them before they are truly visable. But it seems that every time I got them it wa to late to hide it 8=/.
Another note, that just come to mind, I haven't had one in a couple years or more now.. Don't know if freezing the are contributes to that or not.

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This works great!! I heard that the ice kills the virus in the nerve so this could be why it they don't come back maybe?? U only get cold sores in the same places unless you spread them. So I am guessing that if you kil it off from one nerve then hoopefully it won't come back in that nerve again. Of course if you get them in lots of places around ur mouth or wherever then it will take a while to kill them all off. Keep in mind that even if you only get the sore in one spot on your mouth each time that there are many nerve endings in that spot so it may re-occur a few times.

This is all just a guess but I have noticed that mine don't come back in the same spot after I have had them and iced them a cpl of times.

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