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Hello again its Emily:))

This is the link

about the boy with SALs in 1961/64

MUST SEE! READ all I cant seem to copy an paste

Also the link of the first lady with her son finding the way of ridding SALs from his diet cleared his suffering


I forgot to mention my ps came with first stress the more came after allergy hives from antibiotics hives turned into ps but also now if I have the drug codeine I go red and the skin peels off after hell pain allergy oh no

there are drugs that have SALs Aspirin is one

Please look up all salicylates

I also notice COLD showers ONLY!! help mine It hates hot water specially baths It takes a long time to go from dark red after a bath

You look at the Chinese theory of psoriasis as being a damp HOT heat thing? bids the question right?


Found a link on Wim Hof The (Iceman) MUST SEE

Cold water makes it calm NOT FLAME RED It helps mine stay clearing an light pink

going to try ice baths mite help More?


RELAX try some and hypno

Focus on YOU TIME give yourself permission to heal

there are links on hypnosis therapy and meditation even if its a simple walk GO try "youtime"

Find your peace time just find time for you


meditation helps the mind to stop hence calm thoughts

yep we are mind and body

oh sleep dear sleep healing needs sleepz and yep I looked up that also

there's a lot about phycology and PS also..the way we think matters too

ah ha wink;) so smile and see

These are simple things! that help..

Zinc cream also!

use baby zinc cream if you have pussy PS it helps heal in days


Indigo Naturalis is a go.. says: Dermatology news:they now see it works on PS

Its in champori cream also! go figure


Lets all get THIS in our pharmacy so we can cure us cheap and easy although indigo is cheap its hard to get avail that..

Science is found yep BUT!

YOU and ME

we us suffers need to get them to help US out here! NOW...

no more hearing there is no way to help you Ah!noo BS talks we have heard from doc or derms before NO MORE

We are deaf to the lies

We never give up!


never quit!

on being happy

There is NOTHING WRONG with us! except a SAL's problem Nothing more people don't be disheartened No more

we have got This one figured!yep I said it ooo



IT CAN AND WILL be healed!

And we are healing!


We'll bet this one! together

remember to

Be kind to yourself


and have Faith in YOU

you are betting it! k

They say SALT oki found this when looking to heal my allergy FAST and SALT cures! OMG MUST SEE natural antihistamine ah ha SALT is

in my trail and error time I had a time while major stress I went with no food only water and what do you think happened to my PS cleared to light peach in 8 days but I know that's not a way to clear us but gives me hope to see why SAL'S FOOD ect maybe why also when I go really GOOD after a bad allergy like codeine ones I get really good results I go clearer and clear arghh then back to eating well,

I think there's a link what you think?

simply I will keep researching till I bet this one

I want my life without this ps on me

yep its what we put in us

that comes back out on us

Think of it this way

Our body loves us enough to say NO!Toxic OUT out though our skin maybe?

Ok the NO is red PS

but it must be our way to DETOX the bad bads in us

Its our health and maybe we are saved more than others by our psoriasis

Depends how WE ourself look at it?

looking at it simply

they may trick us to think its complex but we know better right beautiful people!

Lets heal ..One day at a time!


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Sarah V

Wow, this gave me a severe headache trying to read it!

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