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Different things work for different people and even what has worked for me has changed over the years. Stress, perspiration, dry winter weather and even too much sun can cause my eczema to flare up. Soaps, Shampoos, detergents and colognes are also allergens. So, I try not to stress, stay hydrated and keep my skin moist and I try to stay away from irritants. I limit showers to every other day so I don't overdry my skin and I use Dove soap for sensitive skin. I moisturize my skin thoroughly as soon as I'm done towel drying using Aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream. For laundry, I use All free and clear detergent which is free of dyes and perfumes and Downey free and gentle softener. I use gloves when I wash dishes, I lightly spray cologne on my clothing before putting it on but avoid using any as much as possible. When I do get an eczema flare up, I immediately apply 1\\% hydrochortisone ointment to the affected area.- I find it much more effective than the cream. Hope this provides some relief to those of you needing it.

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