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I'm 23 and have contracte GH for the first time. Last year I had two surgeries on my kidneys and neither hurt the way this does. My sores are at the top of my labia and just to either side and to pee is so excruciating I scream. I also have sores around my back passage which are just as horrendous. I'm avoiding eating and drinking as going to the toilet is such a nightmare. The only relief I get when peeing is to sit in the bath. But this can't go on forever I have to go back to work. I'm walking like a duck I can't stand up or sit down too quickly it's agonising. I've been on tablets since yesterday from the doctor but not feeling any relief. Please someone guide me as to when I might get some relief. I haven't been given a gel I've just been putting sudocrem on the sores. The worst part of this whole this is the week before I broke out I met someone who I really like I feel I've fucked up any chance how do I tell them that I have this :'( I can accept that I've got GH I just wish some of the pain would stop and I'm crying non stop.

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You are not alone, many things that have been advised to use seem to cause more pain for me. The only thing that seems to calm the soreness down is to use talc powder. And as for the weeing, keep a bottle of water and as you wee pour it over the area as this will dilute the acidity. It will get better, and you will forget you have GH, I thought it was the end of the world, but now happy in a relationship. As long as you explain the condition and don't make out its such a big deal, and make sure you use contraceptives then you will be fine!


Hello you are not alone when I found out I have GH I was devastated I thought no one would or could ever love me I even got to this point to I want to kill myself at the time I also had a best friend (male) and I got so down one day where I was crying and I came out and told him when I he told me that anyone would be luck to have me and that I was amazing with or without GH I knew he was the one we are now married so please don't give up someone will love you for matter your flaws trust me I thought no one would but he was under my nose the whole time


I've had it for 2 years and I've had to tell my boyfriends since I've had it the best way is to tell them before you do anything and make sure you give them a chance to ask questions if they are not aware if what it is


I can completely relate to the original post. I'm 43, and I feel like I want to die...this is the worst physical pain Ive EVER been in...I had a surgery in 1994, in 2007, and just in 2016-- I had 2 surgeries---->one in Feb to remove a noncancerous lump from inside my right breast, and one just in Aug to remove a small area of skin cancer from my face! Yet, I have NEVER been in as much pain as I'm in now! Im frustrated and angry, as emotionally it's hitting me hard. Ive been separated from my husband, of +16 yrs, for almost a yr. I havent slept w anyone in that time...and before that, he and I werent intimate for a year. I finally met an amazing man...just over a month ago. He's the ONLY one Ive been with, so i know the virus came from him. But, he's obviously an asymptomatic carrier! Said he's never had GH. My gyn said that w the severity of this OB, there's NO way this was dormant in me and just coming out for the 1st time now! The man has been sympathetic,and knows me well enough to know that I'm being honest about this info, but I know he is having a difficult time "getting" the asymptomatic shedding/ dormant carrier role he's played. I am not angry w him. I just desperately need to get these symptoms under control. I waa taking an antibiotic for a uti for 3 days prior to this new diagnosis by my gyn. So I'm only on the antiviral fir 2 days. I avoid eating and esp drinking...and I'm a big water drinker. I was given lidocaine gel to numb the area to ease the pain during isnt helping. It takes me like 45 min in the bathroom to just pee...and i scream and curse!! Im afraid to let the urine out, even though i know i have to...the discharge is bad...i just feel like the sores are not starting to scab yet...and i dont know how long before that starts! My pets jump up and run from me when they hear me scream in pain. I cant get comfortable to sleep...itch/burn...Ive been menopausal for a few years (i went through it at a very young age) to be wearing and changing sanitary napkins again is NOT pleasurable, at all. The flu like symptoms, particularly running 103 fever for 4 days is devastating. If i dont wind up in a relationship w this man in the future, i would be upset. I really like him, and only he can know about this. I wouldnt share this with another living person. If he and I dont wind up as a couple long term, Ive decided that I'm done w intimate least ones that are physical. I will do what i need to do to keep this suppressed, hopefully have few or no future outbreaks...and hopefully any future ob would be less severe. But i DEFINITELY do not see myself compromising another sex partner in the future.

My ONLY concern right now is trying to deal wirh this pain and discomfort. I can barely sit, walk, lay down...i need relief...i ABSOLUTELY feel like i want to die.

I need to know what i can put directly on the genital sores to help ease my pain! Please--someone tell me...I cannot deal w this agonizing pain for 2 weeks or more! It's interfering w my life. I have to go to class on Friday afternoon, i cant socialize publicly because I'm running fever, and I'm just so uncomfortable. HELP! I've been through a lot in 43 yrs--but 2016 has been the worst. The last week, unbearable...I just cannot deal with this.

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