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Have relux real bed?? bad gas?? I found on the net a great way to fix it.... 1 teaspoon of rice vinger, or apple cider vinger, all though i only tried the rice for it was all i had in the house, but the pain i was feeling was beyond normal gas, and it was teaspoon and as soon as it went down it help me so much. Please try this and pass it on...

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yes that is the only thing that helps my acid reflux.


I tried it. Still waiting for final results..but it had an immediate effect as it went down. I can tell it is working. The taste wasn't too bad either. I hope I won't have to buy the purple pill any more.
Question: Should I drink water afterwards or would that have a diluting effect?

Apple Cider Vinegar is the only thing that got rid of the horrible acid reflux I had when I was pregnant. Plus since it's natural it had no negative affect on the baby - a tremendous plus!


If acid is helping with your 'acid reflux', you must really have an alkaline problem, where there is not enough acid in your stomach, hmmmmm. Vinegar never helps me. I have acid and I fight it with alkaline baking soda.


Apple Cider vinegar DOES work.. But to Jeremy's question about the water, with vinegar, less is more. you can drink water, just don't drink a gallon right after.. give it a chance to settle.


It helps but isn't that good for you- vinegar is not good if you have bad acuid reflux- because you can have raw esophagus from too much acid reflux and vinegar- well it has many health benefits- can also cause more burning on your esophagus - which isn't good at all


i also forgot to add that instead of having vinegar there is another safer solution to your problme and instead of just calming the acid relfux it heals it- although it takes a while- eat a slice of apple before going to bed- it's amazing- and anytime you feel a sour stomach etc... coming on eat a lice of apple- no medications needed


did a quick search for a natural remedy for my 8 year old with a tight chest from the acid reflux....took the tsp. of cider vinegar and poof!!...she feels so much better


There is a theory by a few alternative medicine practitioners that insufficient stomach acid caused by aging, poor dieting, or overuse of antacids and other medications, have symptoms of both heartburn and acid reflux. Critics say that insufficient hypochlorhydria, more simply known as an insufficiency of stomach acid, isn’t a known cause of heartburn or acid reflex and isn’t even a commonly found condition. ACV is not a good cure for these ailments, since it can possibly cause damage to the digestive tract, which has a very fragile lining, and may even make the problem worse. Schedule a meeting with a qualified health practitioner if you have acid reflux or heart burn


Yup it worked! Only had rice vinegar, actually seasoned rice vinegar. Thought I would try it and WOW! Yes it did burn going down and I thought I made a big mistake but within 15 20 seconds I could feel the relief! Thanks!

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