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short and sweet.. a lot of people have hpv. like someone said earlier, its just inconvenient and maybe a bit embarrassing. Now, here's what i did: First things first, I realized that it was more effective if you trimmed. keyword. trim. I would not recommend shaving at this time. besides that, I would get maybe a teaspoon of ACV, 10-12 drops (depending on the dropper) of 100\\% TTO, and two 500mg tablets of aspirin. The consistency should not be thick. I would then put this onto a paper towel and hold it onto the affected area for 15-20 mins for 4 nights then rested for a night and continued until they were gone! this takes maybe 2-3 months but it is less painful and I have not had any reoccur. I am also taking a multivitamin, fish oil, and vitamin C. hope this helps!

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