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Muh'd .T.

My wife use to have tooth pain, a friend recommend that I should use back of a season tree (popularly call dawadawa tree in housa language)I pilled the back of the tree, put in a kettle and boil it for about 30 minutes. then when it cool to 55-65 degree, put in a cup, pure it inside the mouth at the teeth side, close the mouth for about 5 minutes, it will hot the teeth a little but don't worry, then pure it away (DO NOT DRINK IT). do it in the morning and evening for 5 - 7 days. by the power of GOD, the pain will vanish for ever. it is like magic. it worked for my wife after visiting 3 dentist who advised that removing the teeth will make her inconvenient for the rest of her life. this medicine works like miracle. try it and you will not regret.

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Where can I find this ?

brian from the philippines

where to find it......?????i am sufferring for almost a month my friend...and i can't take it anymore...


Thanks my dude... I've been suffering from severe tooth pain for years now, and since I can't really afford the dental care to fix it I have been using a kratom/ibuprofen combo to ease the pain but it's getting to where that barely even works anymore.. Am definitely gonna try the method you suggested! Peace

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