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Well I've got a hole in my back tooth and I've taken loads of tablets to the point I'm being sick and feeling high I've tried whiskeys I've tried everything you can do at home then I seen something good saying about vapour rub it didn't have any of that but something simpler it smell like vapour but it's not its called tiger balm you use it for bad backs this pain I've had has made me cry it's that painful but when I put this on it stopped okaii my face feels cold where I rubbed it but it's taken the pain away obviously because I can feel that cold feeling off this tiger balm but I would rather feel this then this bloody nerve banging only if I had the guts to push a staple in it but that shits painful but it would get rid of the pain kill the nerve

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Omg.. not a single period or punctuation of any kind. Have no idea what that said. Lol.


I'm trying the tiger balm and it's kinda working its ultra strength thanks.

Tammie F

I have had an exposed nerve for nearly three days. I have tri lemon juice, peroxide, warm salt water, tea, orajel, cold/warm compress and let me tell you this is the only thing that seemed to provide any type of relief.

Thank you for sharing this remedy


JUST go to Walgreen's or a pharmacy and they sell temporary filler works good for couple days at a time

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