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I have been having severe cramps in my toes and legs at night, but sometimes during the day also. I actually have had to pull over to the side of the road a couple of times for toe cramps that were so bad, I couldn't keep my foot on the gas pedal. Dr. said I need arch support, went through all of that and it did not work. Then I turned to the internet. I did not try soap, because I feel like that must be a placebo effect. But a couple of people online and a friend told me about quinine. Since you can't get the pills anymore, they said by tonic water. So I tried that and it upset my stomach. So I kept searching the internet and one man said that he found that putting a rolled up towel or a small pillow under the back of his knees worked. He said that he had tried everything and that this actually works. So, I thought what the heck, I'll try it, and GUESS WHAT, IT WORKS!!!!!! I've been using a little pillow that I use for travel, and for the first few nights I thought is was probably a fluke, BUT IT'S BEEN 2 MONTHS!!! NO CRAMPS!!! NOT AT NIGHT AND NOT IN THE DAYTIME!!! MY HUSAND AND I ARE IN SHOCK, BECAUSE WE CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHY MORE PEOPLE AREN'T AWARE OF THIS. I KNOW IT SOUNDS TO SIMPLE, BUT TRY IT. You do have to sleep on your back, but it's worth it. Just put the pillow right behind your knees! PLEASE ANSWER ON THIS FORUM IF IT WORKS FOR YOU, AND IF IT DOES PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. I THINK IT'S A MIRACLE!!!

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Going to give it a try. Will keep you posted!


I have been putting a small rolled up afghan behind my knees for over six months now and it works, no cramps. It took a little longer to get used to sleeping on my back. Better than being prescribed a med with side affects.


I am going to try this (pillow under knees) AGAIN but have trouble sleeping on my back, too. Pickle juice, just a sip, works best for me for immediate relief. I keep a sports drink tumbler with a straw in the fridge at all times and another with ACV barely diluted with water as a back up and prevention of kidney stones, which I have never had. I am going on 86 and healthy,


I just can't thank you enough!! After experiencing pain more crippling than natural childbirth, I tried every quack suggestion I received from physicians and even tried Asian remedies but NONE worked until I tried yours!!! So again THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!


A pillow under the knees reduces the stretch and tension on the nerves in your low back. This would then reduce your cramping. You might consider having your back looked at. Great suggestion though.


Miraculously the roll pillow instantly relieved the cramping pain in behind my knee which started about 2 hrs ago. It works!! Thank you. God Bless


Have tried this, does not work for me


I am going to try this. Received 4 cramps last night. Not a happy camper. Thank you so much for sharing!!


I will try this I will try anything to help


going to try this tonight as I am not getting any sleep because of these darn cramping. I even get them in my bones, very very painful

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