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hello all:)I have ps and found a web page took me a year of desperate searching constantly for a why?meee then I found out about Salicylates and SAL's Foods or SAL'S products yep its in stuff alot of stuff ie; shampoos ect.. anyho a lady had her son with ps and he cleared IT once she got him off the foods ect..she said she found a link on the net about SAL's in the year 1968 they had a child in hospital with ps all over his body they noticed he cleared after a long stay but the time the child got ps he was playing in the trees near his home that are (silver birch) high in salicylates! what ya know ah ha yep.. go Google it.. in short of it ..I've tested and by eating and non eating them found it must be true! if I don't eat the SAL's an use SAL products or my allergy foods it starts to clear but! if I eat them omg its red and starts to come back but once you detox it I mean DONT HAVE THE STUFF!it starts going away not a saint its hard at first to change im getting the idea I need to stop the SAL's nightmare to win my battle with ps .and ima gonna bet this also found a cream that clears my skin ...champori HELPS clear but I can afford to buy all I need bc I covered bad still I found hope and I wanted to share that hope too WE CAN BET THIS PEOPLE OH! never give up and I find positive thinking helps clear me to but self loves hard with ps but I'm learning the hard way but I'm finding some .. GO WIN THE BATTLE BEAUTIFUL PPL <3

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