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I want to stress to a lot of you that this stuff takes patience and you need to be persistent with your treatments. I had ONE wart (located a few inches away from my lady parts near my butt cheek) that would not go away for years, even after my paps came up normal. It was the only one I ever had and even came back after I (stupidly) picked it one night (don't do that, it's gross...and you'll bleed a lot).

I started using tea tree oil a couple weeks ago. I generally take showers in the evening, so after my shower, I make sure I am COMPLETELY dry. I take a q-tip soaked with tea tree oil, and apply to the wart. I cover it up with a band-aid and leave it go. Some nights I put some extra on the band-aid itself. It's been a slow process, but I haven't given up. If I applied it twice a day, it would probably be a fast process. The TTO is drying the wart out. Layers of dead skin are coming off it and it's getting smaller. The whole thing falling off in one bit is not the case for me, more so dwindling down in size. It's not really irritating me at all, though at first I did have a couple days where I wanted to scratch it. I might start adding ACV to the mix just to get it over with already. However, the TTO does work. Just be sure you're not getting it everywhere. It will dry the skin out that's around it too.

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