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Repeated Abscesses..

Tried everything but the abscess is still there & driving you crazy hurting?

The only thing that will make it Stop Hurting is antibiotics. I promise it will quit within 24 hrs, at the most 48 hrs.

Your local health dept Should offer emergency pain And/Or infection care to adults pretty cheap..Or go to a walk in clinic, er, a dentist with a cheap office visit just to get antibiotics Please.

Ive been through the same exact thing..the pain from my abscessed teeth was constant and excruciating..but the pain from the abscess on my broken tooth (with an exposed nerve) was an unexplainable, at times a literally unbearable, kind that I couldn't get any relief from.

There are endless ways to Soothe the pain But the bad news is - it will Not go away on its own without treatment (antibiotics) & it Will just keep coming back. Eventually it will get worse and it could spread to other teeth. A bad enough infection left untreated long enough could spread further, to other places in your face/neck, even into your bones. An untreated abscess can bust and go into your blood stream which can cause way more damage than a dent in your wallet. I don't have dental insurance & couldn't afford to get mine taken care of the right way. I let it go trying these remedies & I went to a half@$$ dentist ending up with 4 abscessed sockets, 2 abscessed wisdom teeth, my jaw almost broken & More Doctor/Dentist Bills (er visits -xrays- rx's to keep from it from spreading to my blood) than I wound have ever had if I had went to the health dept or urgent care to begin with.

You can try the remedies to Ease the pain very, very Temporarily but be careful. What worked for me the best was I swished a hella strong salt water mix around the bad tooth for about 25 to 30 seconds or longer and then I Loosely packed the bad tooth full of baking soda and just let it stay until it dissolved completely - but Don't Swallow it bc to much will hurt you.

I've heard a vodka (straight) or Listerine Rinse can help, garlic powder rinse, garlic & onion powder rinse. I've heard of ppl packing the tooth with a garlic clove, or packing it with a piece of an onion, putting tea tree oil on the tooth but use it Sparingly, clove oil on the tooth -it Will Burn anything it touches in your mouth other than the tooth, & last but not least - Alum powder & Salt put directly onto it, is suppose to kill the exposed nerve of the tooth didnt work for mine tho but it has for other ppl).

I hope this helps in some way....Good luck.

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Antibiotics are just as temporary as the other remedies on here. They may get rid of the abscess, but if the cause (I.E. Broken tooth, exposed nerve, etc) is not treated, it will get re-infected. Over time, the repeated use of antibiotics can weaken your natural immune system, and will make them less effective against the tooth infection.

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