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Hello, so after 6 years of having GH, 4 years of which were full of constant outbreaks, I'm happy to say I have GH under control.

The 4 years were the worst, the outbreaks a nightmare, it wasn't just one at a time, I would get one outbreak then another would appear then another while the others were still present, one would heal and I'd be left with others still erupting, the pain was excruciating.

I read so much about GH, it all helped but felt daunting, I found that a diet high in lysine and low in aginine helped immensely, seen as Im a coffee nut it meant cutting back on the caffine, I was gutted but I managed it, you can buy half caffeinated half decaffeinated (for people who use ground fresh coffee) or just plain decaff.

I used good quality tea tree oil for sores, wet an ear bud up with the oil and pop the sores using it, it stings like mad but it takes away the itching and burning sensation, helps them scab and heal faster, it also works at the first signs of an OB, just rub the oil on the sore patch.

Finally the thing that has most helped in stopping my outbreaks is pineapple, you can either eat a large fresh ring of fresh pineapple everyday or what I do is buy fresh non-concentrated pineapple juice and drink about 3/4 a pint every single day, never missing a day otherwise I have an OB, I'm now 99\\% OB free, I figure its cheaper than meds/or going the docs for prescriptions, saves the hassle of it too, and its much healthier than the meds.

Now if I do get an outbreak the I hardly even feel it or know its there, it never wakes me in the night stinging, itching and burning like it used to, its nothing like it used to be and it does make it so much easier when its less obvious and painful.

I have also used cold pressed coconut oil daily (about 3 tbsp) successfully to stop outbreaks, but stopped this due to the sickly feeling it gave me, if you can stomach it then thats an even healthier choice.

To the people feeling low about GH it may feel like its the end of the world but its really not, its the beginning of you having more respect for your body, laughing at yourself and finding the humor in everything around you and being less judgmental towards others, its learned me so much, yeah it is a pain to have but it does wear off and I'm always thankful its nothing more, you can still have a love life and children, I have both.

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This definitely helped me. Thanks!


Thank you. Try coconut oil pills


Thank you for sharing I am really finding it difficult I get out breaks so bad. It effects my rship and my life. I try to not stress but I am thinking when is it going to appear again. I lasted 6weeks without an outbreak I had my first ob in May I don't know what I can do to calm the ob nothing seems to work.


Thanks so much. Need some positivity note. Really feeling depressed. ????

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