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I've had angular cheilitis for about two years on and off. Each bout lasts up to two weeks. I tried many on the market products such as yeast infection creams, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol and taking vitamins. I have braces, which is why I get these so frequently. After seeing reviews on many sites, and this one, I decided to buy some Curad Silver Solution Microbial Gel. I bought it yesterday on 12/28/2015, and today is 12/29/2015 and the open wound is closed and sealed as if it was never there! I do still have some scarring around my lips from the previous infection, but that was expected. The box says not to use it every day, and to only apply every 2-3, but I used it twice yesterday and two times today and my mouth feels great. No pain when opening my mouth, or eating food. I really like this gel because it does NOT sting and it gets the job done. It's very hard to know if the cracks in the corner are fungi or bacteria, so this product kills both! I love that factor. You don't have to guess and choose which product to use for which kind of infection. I definitely will be using the product if I get anymore cracks in the near future, but I recommend it if you are suffering. It was 5.99 at my local Rite Aid! Well worth the price. You can get two .5 oz bottles for $9.43 for a total of 1 oz. on Amazon. I'll be stocking up! Finally after two years of enduring braces, a great treatment that works!

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