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I finally found a cure to my athlete's foot after 8 years! I would like to mention that I sweat A LOT, especially from my feet. That was my major problem that caused the repeated infection. I was also a landscaper during the summer, so I was constantly sweating in my work boots all day. I used to take Lamisil pills to treat it but that is not a long term solution, so I started looking at other methods to manage my fungal problem. The main thing is to keep your feet dry in your shoes. I do this by dumping a good amount of Gold Bond (body powder) in my socks. It's messy but it works great. I also allow my shoes to dry with the insoles out for 24 hours after each use. To keep my shoes clean, I put new insoles in my shoes every two weeks and spray them with lysol every month to disinfect them. I also clean my bathtub every week or two with a disinfectant. I wear sandals when ever possible and don't wear socks when I'm at home. I make sure to wash my feet when ever they get very sweaty and always before I go to bed. After I take a shower I dry in-between my pinky toes with kleenex because that is where I get it the worst. All of this may seem way overboard lol, but it has worked for me this far. Preventing athlete's foot when you have excessive sweating is more of a lifestyle change than a quick fix. These are things that I will probably have to do for the rest of my life and I have come to accept that lol. Oh ya, tea tree oil has been a godsend. Lastly, if your feet sweat a lot I have found that things like stress, poor foot wear and cheap socks can worsen the symptoms. Try loose fitting wicking socks and shoes with a lot of ventilation. Don't give up hope. The right combination of treatments is out there.

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