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I have a broken tooth on the right side all the way in the back. I never had a problem with pain due to it until tonight. I took a few asprin but I needed immediate relief to be able to sleep. Since it's 10:40 on a Christmas Eve, I couldn't run to the store to grab something, I needed to use something in the house. I used NyQuil first. Squashed it around very good over the tooth that was causing my pain and I began to feel relief. Then I squashed vanilla extract around the tooth and that helped even more. I can't say I'm at a 0 pain level, but I can say I'm at a low 2 which will work long enough for the asprin to kick in or hopefully for me to fall asleep.

Good luck everyone! Tooth pain in the worst pain! I'd rather go through labor again! Lol!!

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hi my name is temperance I am 24 this is my first time experiencing tooth ache I have made and emergency appointment with my dentist but I have tried pain killers mouth ways brushing with toothpaste rinsing with mouth wash and rinsing with whisky ie and rum nothing is working and I feel like my head is a bout to expload


Orajel is the ONLY thing working for me:( I have to apply it every like 20 minutes though. It's a real pain. At least you got into a dentist. I am extremely low on money so I have to wait until my name comes up on a list for an assistance program. Which will be another 3 weeks approximately. I wish I had the money but I have a son that needs things and there's nothing I can do about that. Being his mom comes first. Glad you got relief.

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