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My husband and I both gained a significant amount of weight during out 10 years over marriage. We went from being the slim couple to the cheeseburger eating couch potatoes. Which allowed both of us to gain 50 pounds each. And with the weight and big bellies came stretch marks! My husband didn't mind so much but I on the other hand was not so happy about it. I couldn't wear what I wanted to any more and I was really insecure about my stretch marks. I tried a lot of different option including Laser Therapy which didn't work whatsoever. It just hurt like crazy. TEA TREE oil is really good for a lot scars so I tried that and that didn't do anything. finally i discovered trizena for stretch marks. It worked so well. I was really happy with my results. Within just a short time most of my stretch marks were basically invisible. Now I just need to try to get my husband to try it. Definitley give it a try if you suffer from stretch marks. Hope this helps :)

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