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It's been a week since I tried acv on my anal warts.

Basically I soak I tiny piece of toilet paper wipe it on the warts and shove it in the opening of the hole. So painful the entire anus turned white it didn't hurt the first two days I would do this 2 times a day for about 1 hr. Then I started to leave it for 3 hrs the 3rd day on the 4 th day I was targeting the visible anal warts that counted maybe 4. But because of the acv being on the entire anus it activated other warts that showed up from the acv and when I wiped my anus they peeled off on the 4th day and my anus was bleeding when they wiped off. They were two pieces that left a white rim around and the warts that peeled left raw blood skin. The other visible warts stayed white and got bigger also the non visible warts thAt now covered half the outside anus looked swollen and my entire anus was sore. On the 5th day I still continued using acv on the anus this hurt so much because I still wipe acv on the entire anus and put a piece of toilet paper inside a bit to keep it soaked in acv for the warts. The big white wart hasn't fallen I still don't know if it works but since I'm peeling new warts off it looks like it is. So on the 6th day another wart that was next to a visible wart peeled off from a wipe and blood started coming out. I cleaned the area and wiped it with hydrogen peroxide now I'm on day 7 I'm focused more on the visible warts that are 4 of them yet to come off I think this treatment works . I haven't slept with acv inside with toilet paper it's to uncomfortable that's why maybe my treatment is too long but I wipe acv on the warts even when I remove the paper to let it dry on it. I'll be treating the area for as long until they all peel off. I want to get rid of the visible ones so my anus is smooth again . Now I have about 4 or 5 craters on my anus from non visible warts that appeared after the treatment . I can say 100 percent acv does cause a reaction on these warts mines have gotten super big the non visible ones show up and then peeled. When I started first 2 days the whole anus looked mangled and completely white. I guess my entire outer anus had warts the large ones appeared and then started to peel off day 3 and 4 and 5. My anus where the visible ones are are still white and stubborn I will treat my entire anus still I want to clear it up. I also drink acv in water in the mornings. I'll update but my anus looks like a war zone craters and larger white warts. The acv made the visible warts larger and white that was 6 days ago so it must be working. I'm 100 percent believer in acv since the non visible warts burned off. I haven't been diagnosed with gentian warts but since I tied this and they are coming off same reaction I do have GW . I won't stop I read some people have continued treatment for months I'll do the same. Also I am changing my diet and excervising to strengthen my immune system. GW is so gross and anus is raw and trees hope for the visible warts to peel off since I keep reading that the wart virus is buried in the root I will keep continuing the treatment until its not only gone but the root is killed. I'll update everyone. This treatment does burn your skin especially warts I can't wait till I'm completely rid of this. Before the treatment they were small the visible ones now there bigger whiter n grey just trying to peel them off and with the treatment I hope they come off. For the people who said this is a placebo affect I highly doubt that the other warts that were hidden showr up and peeled and bled. Now I'm trying to clear it all up including the visible ones. I'll update more I started last week. It's so painful but if it takes me a month of daily application of acv I'm doing it until this stuff is all peeled off . My anus is half white and raw I won't give up till they all peel off.

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I took a break and got the braggs acv . I still have 1 wart to work on there was a tiny one in the corner of the end of the opening. That was stubborn today I woke up applied the braggs acv last night it's gone and raw! The big one is still there but it's next to another wart that peeled before it's all raw and hurts I'll do this for 2 more days. And just heal up for another week and start again I'll try spot treating the big one!


So did the big one ever go away? I have a big one and I'm afraid acv won't do the trick. I've inly tried for a couple days but it doesn't seem like it had any impact on the big one. Also, it seemed like Bragg's didn't work as well as generic acv, which surprised me. What do you think?


ACV did not work for me either. Bought some food grade 35\% peroxide from Amazon and use the dropper to coat one finger and then hold it against the large internal wart. After a few days, it is much smaller! Hoping that it will finally be leaving me.


I tried using the white vinegar since I can't find any ACV here and I am soooooo happy with the results! After 4 days, my GW have disappeared including a really big one! I soaked a cotton ball into the white vinegar and bandaged it to the area, left it there for 2-3hrs every day. If I can take it, I do it twice a day but most of the time, only once a day. I took pictures of it daily to monitor the progress and I'm really so happy on the 4th day, pnly 2 dot sized warts remains. Thanks you so much for posting about the white vinegar treatment! I owe you big time for sharing this tip!

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